Let it go.

"work hard & stay humble"

-Faking It
-1D, 5SOS
-Larry Stylinson
-Harry Potter
-The Hobbit
-Star Wars

bi. sports geek. Manchester United.
i write stuff. fitness & food are life.
rock. book & pizza lover. party animal.
NO H8!

i’m looking right at the other half of me

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I love how proud of Louis he looks, it’s enchanting. 

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Chapter 11

New chapter uploaded, leave reviews!(:


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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So. fuckin’. perfect

Anonymous said: Anna's young brother Olaf must undergo treatment for his suddenly diagnosed cancer. Whilst receiving his daily dose of chemo at the hospital he's comforted by Elsa, who's also suffering of cancer Olaf tells his sister of this mysterious blonde that comforts him through chemo. Curious, about the girl Anna goes and meets Elsa, and falls hard for her. Months pass and Olaf's becomes healthy again, Elsa on the other hand takes a turn for the worst. Will her love be enough to fight her final battle?


anons why do you tease me with these and then leave me without telling me the end???

and the answer is yes her love is enough because i mean it’s true love



[ For the first time in foreverI’m getting what I’m dreaming of
A chance to change my lonely world, a chance to find true love ]

…for the first time in forever…

I won’t be alone. 



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